Our Values

Our History and Values

The Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation was originally established in 1968 as the Taipei Orphan Welfare Association. The association was restructured into a foundation in July of 2007 and continued its mission to effectively mobilize social resources for the education and personal growth of orphaned children.

Mission Statement

To foster the welfare of orphans, sponsoring their complete personal development, through promoting social responsibility among citizens.


1.Encourage orphans to cope with sudden adversities with courage.

2.Teach orphans to face challenges and develop their problem-solving skills

3.Coach orphans to strive for personal excellence, while ensuring their emotional well-being and growth.

4.Train orphans to become socially mature and independent, and provide career coaching.

Longstanding services our Foundation provides to orphans include academic tutoring, psychological support and counseling, character training, academic scholarships, emergency relief, orphans’ holistic care center, and overseas orphan relief. Every year, we hold a spring trip, summer camp, sports tournament for orphans nationwide, and dinner for orphans and their sponsors. Through these events, our goal is to promote greater health and happiness for orphans.