Our Services

With genuine love, sincere care and professional service, the Foundation offers orphans diversified services, including tutorial service, counselling service, character education, grant, emergent relief, orphans’ holistic care center, overseas orphan relief etc. Moreover the Foundation holds outing, summer camp, Christmas Wish Cards, National Orphanage Olympic, feasts for orphans and their sponsors in order to enrich orphans’ lives. 

1.Financial Assistance  Scholarship--inspiring needy orphans to exert himself/herself on learning.  Emergency relief fund—providing timely assistance emergency needs. 

 2.Tutorial Service-- Cooperating with local community care center to provide orphans after school coaching. 

 3.Counselling Service-- Providing regular counselling services by counsellors in order to restore orphans’psychological, living and social functions. 

 4.Character Develop-- Activating growth groups to develop good character. 

 5.Life Care-- Regular home visits and provide essential goods for daily life. 

 6.Medicaid-- Provide financial aid for health care.  

 7.Annual Activities-- Hold spring outing, summer camp, and regular field trips. 

 8.2014 Internationl Orphan-Lympics --Train physical endurance, team cooperation, sense of honor and improve self-value and self-identification. 

 9.Employment Services-- Guide to learn professional subjects and train specific skills. Assist to search for adequate job and work stably. 

 10.Overseas Relieve-- Provide financial, educational assistance for orphans living in the remote and poor areas.