Little Star Fundraising Concert

In order to carry out the long term service plan for orphans, Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation has teamed up with Hsintien Philharmonic Orchestra and will host Little Star Fundraising Concert on December 14, 2014. A famous conductor, Xu Shuang-Liang, will be invited to lead Hsintien Philharmonic Orchestra and New Taipei City Junior Youth Chorus for the performance. Two orphan stars have been practicing alongside the orchestra and will perform on the same stage with the orchestra. We welcome you to come personally

showing your support for these kids. 

Our foundation is serving orphans with one or both parents deceased; however, the number of orphans in Taiwan is large.  Take the orphan cases from our foundation, by end of the year of 2014, there are 5,826 individual orphan family cases we are serving.  And the increase rate is 70 new cases each month.  

For the past year our social workers made 41,681 services to these orphans’ family, averaging 3,473 services per month. 

In these cases, 78% are of paternal deceased, where 58% of these orphans are taken care by the mothers. 

15.94% are of maternal deceased, where 8.47% of these orphans are cared by the fathers. 

Here comes 23.61% are cared by the grandparents or relatives, which include 6% with both parents deceased.

There are also many families being struck again after their tragedy of losing their parents. For example, after the mother had passed away, the father was hit by depression and got into drinking problem and, later on, found out he had liver cancer; or, for another case, due to financial stress, the mother had to work overtime and was stressed out causing the family into another adversity. 

Due to the unspoken distress, these orphans have repeatedly experienced acceptance and abandonment in their relationships with others and have lost their confidences. Anyhow, we definitely will never give up hope easily, while everyone else would have done so already. We believe that every one of these orphans has his/her own unique potential. With outpouring of love and becoming their company, these children still have a chance to shine.


A True Story

A gas leak explosion accident happened in Kaohsiung on July 31, 2014. Mei’s (pseudonym)  family became the victim of the explosion. In addition to that, her mother discovered her nasopharyngeal Cancer. Two tragedies struck the family mercilessly at the same time. Being a new immigrant from China, it was already difficult for the mother to get a job, and now having thought of the medical and educational expenses, she had no hope and did not know how to live on. 

As soon as the local social workers of the Foundation heard about their situation, they immediately brought the emergency fund to visit the family. Afterward, the mother wrote a letter to the Foundation mentioning that she was so touched and thankful for the help from the Foundation during their difficult time. She would also tell Mei that because of the love and care of these people, they would be able to get through their adversity. Having a give back attitude, she hoped that her daughter would become a useful person for the needy people in future.

(Press release on 2014/12/9 by TOWF PR Christina Sung)